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  • Suitable for 4riders
  • Color:Yellow/Customized
  • Boston Valve for Quick Inflation and Deflation
  • 4 EV Foam Soft Grip Handle
  • Double-Stitched Full Denier Nylon Cover
  • 4Nylon-Wrapped Handles with Neoprene Knuckle Guards


4 Person Banana Boat Tube

Dreamer not only a banana boat manufacturer, but also cover all kinds of inflatable products. The banana boat tube design was created in 1984 and quickly rose to prominence as one of the most widely used towable tubes for boats.Our Banana Boat Series—-4 Person Banana Boat Tube. And there is space for four young riders, or two adults and two youngsters, on this banana boat tube. Its ability to move swiftly and smoothly through the water is the result of professional design. A thrilling ride will satisfy family, friends, or visitors! Riders can grasp on to comfortable grips thanks to its distinctive design, while yellow inflatable foot rests keep them firmly on the water. Now,without further ado. Let’s get down to it!



  • Unique:A standout item that will attract attention.
  • EVA Padding: It provides comfortable foam padding for a relaxing and pleasurable ride.
  • Quick-Connect:You can quickly and conveniently attach your tube to the rope using our tow system.
  • BostonValve: A straightforward valve for rapid inflation and deflation